我的治療經過,分享給大家。 (國外發友治療經歷)

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great results, new treatment, please read
Have been waiting to share this and I have searched for something like this for 10 years now. I am 35 and have tried many topicals and herbal internal treatments with little success. I came across a treatment in Thailand and adapted it for the last 7 weeks and am seeing full area growback. This is in stages, but am seeing full thickness hairs on my temples that have been bare for 8 years now. The surrounding areas are nicely furring up and getting darker and longer.
My treatment is simple it is a using a very fine needle and gently poking the scalp with it once a week, and using 5% minoxidil twice daily. I have tried minoxidil at 2% before and had no results and it is not known for helping the temple area. All of my reported progress is in the front because I can closely monitor it. It seems that the crown is filling in also. The needle application is very shallow, and really doesn't hurt me much. It is a lot like a good combing rather than injections. If bleeding occurs it is too deep.
I will follow up with more detailed posts, but here is my basic theory. I have had a hair transplant micro graft surgery. They cut out the donor area and put it on ice for hours and dice it up, cut into the recieving area, and the hairs grow back full strength. The scalp follicles have amazing recovery ability. I shave my beard everyday with harsh chemicals, probably removing the outer layer of skin and the hair keeps staying thick. The needle treatment only involves shallow penetration into the mesoderm. Originally my first treatment in Thailand the doctor called mesotherapy, a common process, but not for baldness. This includes micro injections of 5% minoxidil with a tiny needle 1000 times. She said that after 5 weekly treatments the patients never need to continue using minoxidil . She said it was the needle and the medicine doing the job. The needle opens the pores, stimulates the nerves, and increases blood flow.The redness lasts for only a half an hour and there is usually no soreness. My technique does not include injections.
So as a protection it is possible to work with a nurse or doctor on this project, but I easily do the procedure on myself. I am going to post this in sections so I do not exceed space limits and make sure it is conforming to the site format. I welcome commentary, this is the simplest, fastest, and cheapest thing I have found. I post now in hopes that this becomes a common treatment and it can save people years of frustration.
Q1:interesting..so basically what your saying is..your piercing tiny holes into your scalp..to allow your minox to penetrate easier/better?
Back again with more details for my treatment. I have been taking Procerin for 1 year with little results, but continue. I have avoided using chemical hair dyes as much as possible. For a link goole search natural hair dye. I use Nizoral shampoo.
The actual needle process is as follows. I use rubbing alchohol with a dropper as a scalp disinfectant. For the needle it is dipped in a cap full of alcohol. I could get insulin syringes in the pharmacy in Thailand, but any fine tipped needle will do, the thinner the better. It is only the tip of the syringe used, not the diameter, as with an injection. I sit down and relax with a table to brace my elbow and use a portable mirror.

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